Traditional Retainer

An agreement where one-third of the anticipated fee is paid
to our firm at the beginning of the search. The second payment is paid with the
candidate's acceptance, and the third payment within 10 days of the candidate's start date.

Modified Retainer

An agreement where you would retain our firm for a limited
period of time, such as 2 to 4 weeks, and not necessarily for a successful
hire. A retained relationship allows the recruiter to concentrate and dedicate
his time exclusively on the client's assignment.

Modified Contingency (Exclusive Search)

A special reduced fee rate is negotiated in return for the
client's commitment to an exclusive search (exclusive of other agencies). There
is a non-refundable commitment fee due prior to initiation of the search. Upon
completion of a successful search, the commitment fee is applied toward the
total placement fee.

Contingency Search

No fee paid to our firm unless our candidate is hired.


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